Corset and Cloak
 Charmaine G. Brown


Beaded Breast Corset

Zipper closure with spiral steel stays. Silk satin tapestry fabric with detachable chiffon halter straps. Beaded breast cups and trim are detachable.


There are two boning options for corsets: spiral steel and white steel. Spiral bones have the most flexibility, being able to move both forward and backward and side to side. They are the best choice for a corset worn for dance or other motion activities. Spiral steel is more flexible but less supportive.

White steel bones (called this because of the white nylon coating that protects the steel and inhibits rust) are quite rigid: able to flex but not easily bent. These bones flex only forward and backward, not from side to side. This bone choice provides the maximum in strength, support, and lift. White steel bones are used down the center back of all corsets.