Corset and Cloak
 Charmaine G. Brown


Corsets are classic garments that will enhance your life with beauty, style and excitement. In this eye-catching attire, you will be noticed wherever you go, making you feel sexy, daring and unique.

     Corsets create a feminine shape and support the bust. A corset lifts the bust up. As a result, cleavage is produced in the front, and a less rounded appearance is seen from the underside. Corsets also give the waistline definition, as well as providing good back support and improving posture.

     Corsets are extremely versatile garments. They make elegant bridal or evening wear and are stunning as club wear, and provocative lingerie. Depending on what you wear with your corset, it can be suitable for a variety of events and special occasions.






Custom Corsets by Corset and Cloak: Each steel-boned or spiral steel (which is more flexible) custom corset is individually handcrafted to your specific measurements. A well-made custom garment is more durable and, with proper care, can be worn for decades.

     A well-crafted corset, made with quality materials, that fits properly and looks beautiful on you is an investment. With a properly fitted corset, a shapely, smooth, and aesthetic silhouette can be achieved.


Your Custom Corset includes:

     First session: An initial consultation and individual analysis. This includes identifying the purpose of your corset; an overview of corset features, styles, and options; trying on corset samples if desired and a review of fabric swatches and decorative options. Information is provided, and your questions are answered

as needed. Your measurements are taken, then a fitting of a standard corset muslin to further determine size and preliminary fit. A cost estimate and time line are then determined.

     Second session: A corset fitting. A fitting is done of the actual corset before the lining and bone channels are constructed, making appropriate adjustments as necessary. If a second fitting is advisable, then an appointment will be scheduled.

    Final session: Corset pick up. Corset care, cleaning and wear information is discussed.


The average time line for corset completion is 4 to 6 weeks. Corset cost will depend on your choice of corset style, fabrics, optional extras and embellishment. The base cost of an overbust custom corset starts at $305.00, underbust custom corsets start at $295.00.  Please contact me for up to date pricing.